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Thread: Wild-bytes login problems again?.

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    Im having oroblems logging into Wild-byes again. I had to delete my cookies for another site and log back in to all the sites i use, but again Wild-Bytes wont let me back in. I know my username and password but get an error every time itry to use them. I now have 4 out of 6 entry attempts left. I had the same trouble around about 1 month ago and ended up having to go to mirc Wild-bytes and explaining. They unbanned me and let me log in but does any body else have trouble like this?.
    Could Wild or any other mod help me to log in.
    Thanks for any help.

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    I'm not having any issues logging on.. I would say your best bet is to go on thee IRC and work it out...
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    Deleted cookies again and tried both link again at the bottom of the home page. Both failed. Now got 2 more chances.?????

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    not in earth
    working 4 me

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    can always send me a pm so i can look into it.


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    yes justin i have had the exact same problem also. been with wb for years. havent been able to log back in. consider yourself lucky.


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