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Thread: Help With Rise Of Nations

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    someone has probably posted this before, but it said the the search engin was takin offline so dont get all pisssed at me for not searchin cuz i tried

    anyway, i downloaded RoN and it worked perfectly until i decided 2 do mulit-player

    it said i needed to download the latest patch in order to play
    i said ok, and after the patch installed it said "No CD-ROM. Please select OK and restart the application."

    obviously i dont have the CD so i dont know what to do

    it worked fine before i downloaded the patch
    can anyone help me?

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    please im going away for the weekend and i would like to know how to fix this before i leave

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    Reinstall the nocd patch back over it as before. Should work, i've done it with other games. However I am not sure about the multiplayer palying part if it requires any authentication.
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    but i dont have a no cd patch

    i dont think i do, where would it be?

    i explored the bin file and found nothing, but even so it worked without the patch

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    there isnt a NO CD patch pls help me

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    ok if nobody will help me that way, can someone help me burn it onto a CD?

    i have NERO, but i dont know how to burn it like a real game

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    How did you get it to work the first time if you didn't have a no cd crack? Anyway my guess is that when you updated your game it re-did the cd protection therefore you wouldn't be able to play it again without a new no cd crack. As far as burning it goes you need a matching .cue file for each .bin file. Then use nero close the wizard window that pops up and just go to File>>Burn Image, and select the .cue file to burn and it will burn the .bin file. I've also heard there is a way to convert the .bin into a .iso. If you had .iso then you just burn it no other files needed.

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    i did burn it that way, which didnt work

    anyway where could i find the new no cd crack, cuz it didnt come in my download...

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    I'm still dl'ing it so i haven't looked for any cracks yet, but I would just look around the usual places like gamecopyworld. Look for one that says it has the update that you got.

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    This game didn't require a No-CD patch, just the serial # and then it works fine. I haven't installed the Microsoft patch (1.01 I think) so I can't help you there but I did see some How To's on the official RoN site that explains how to install the patch and get everything to work, check out the official site and Rise Of Nations Heaven and see what it says there.

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