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Thread: What Do You Do With A Bin File?

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    what do you do with a bin file once you download it?

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    Originally posted by lostinspace@20 June 2003 - 20:35
    what do you do with a bin file once you download it?
    you can download VCDgear to extract the MPG movie out of the Bin file.

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    thank you

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    You also need a .cue file so you can burn the .bin. i.e. after you get the .cue with nero you close the wizard thing they stick in your face and then go to file>>burn image. Then you choose the .cue and it will burn the .bin on the disk for you. I've also heard that you can convert the .bin to .iso but I do not know how to do this.

    Edit: I was doing this at the same time IKE was so it doesn't quite make sense sorry

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    I know how

    Theres two ways i know....

    One: Search for Daemon Tools, with this, it creates a phantom drive so you dont have to actually have a cd burner, it can view .iso's and .cue's(for .bins) and creates it in the phantom drive, so it looks like you have the actual cd

    Two: Go find a copy of WinISO, this program is great. You can convert cd files like .bin's into .iso's, making it easier to burn, or follow step One.

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    Whats the advantage of burning an ISO video file than a Bin/Cue?

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    An iso isnt a video file

    Its an image of a cd, could be a game, anything

    But i guess the advantage wouldhave to be a smaller size in download, most iso's because they are cd images, are less that 700 mb, while ive seen some .bins that can reach up to 850 mb, and its more confusing with the whole .cue

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    heres what to do with bin files

    1. download cdmage. open the cue file in cdmage which will open the bin. then direct it to check for and automatically correct any errors.
    2. download nero. go to file, burn image. point to the cue file and it will burn the bin for you.
    3. download powerdvd 4.0. the reason is that some bins can only be played by this player.

    it sounds like a lot, but once you've done it, it is easy from there on out.


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