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Thread: I Finally Got To See What My Pc Looks Like

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    Before I left for work today, I kept the home PC online with K-Lite running (as a supernode). At work, I logged on with the crappy 33.6K modem, using K-Lite. I searched for a few unique files, that only I have, in the share folder on my PC at home. After about 2 hours of jumping supernodes (couldn't remember my IP number), I found my files.

    It said that the bandwidth was 1024, no wonder why tons of people try to download from me at home. In reality, my maximum upload speed (AT HOME&#33 is only 15.00kb/s

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    you have a 15k upload speed on a 33k modem? JESUS-H-CHRIST! i have 512 and only get 19k

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