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Thread: I Have A Problem With Fairlight's Version

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    Has only Fairlight been the only to rip this Game (GTA Vice City)

    Are the other version of GTAVC? I've downloaded this game 3 times, 2 of the times ened up to be The Fairlight version and the other one is just strait fucked up.

    Im having some major problems with it.

    First, There was a problem with installing. (some txt itallian file something.)
    I fixed that.

    Then when I finally got the game installed, The CD Crack wouldn't leave the CD.

    So I found another crack.

    Then.. Finally the game started, and played good.

    But then it crashes, leaving the binary code on my screen for a couple seconds and finally restarts my computer.

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    i think i had the fairlight version and i tried it on a p1.5 gighz and it installed fine but it would crash in the game at random times. i put it on another computer and i have never had a problem but i also used a different crack on each. one was a no cd and the workin one used a backup cd


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