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Thread: Tmpgenc Problem

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    hi, i go to open a avi file of mr deeds cd 2 into the mpg converter and it says ... something like file could not be supported or something like that, when i load cd 1 of the exact same film theres no problem, and there from te same place and are the two halfs of the same file (tmd), the two halfs are both whole too ...

    could anyone help

    thanks alot, hulmey

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    I have had many problems with TMPGEnc too. I searched and found that if you goto OPTIONS > ENVIROMENTAL SETTINGS > VFAPI PLUG-INS (button on far right) and set DIRECT SHOW MULTIMEDIA FILE READER to 1 or 2 (right click and give higher priority) this will solve most problems.

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    thanks alot man, great help, it worked too


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