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Thread: Having logon issues with SITR help please

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    Can some one help me please. I tried to login to SITR this morning and I have been told my account has been disabled. I was dl'ing last night and don't know why I was disabled.

    User name is weirdguy1


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    I've sent a message to them on your behalf asking for a clarification.

    Ok mate I have bad news for you this is exactly what they sent me.

    HardUp 2007-07-24 12:54:11 ==[ HELP DESK ]==

    Dmfonseca wrote:
    I've been contacted by this user weirdguy1. Apparently his account has been blocked and he has contacted me via a forum called FileSharingTalk. Please contact me at

    Thank You

    yes his account has been blocked...

    nothing else to add really,

    hope that helps

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