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Thread: Bin+cue = Vcd

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    winxp-home v
    codecs > k-lite codecs 2.03 basic v.

    i just burn a vcd (bin/cue) file on my nero (latest v) < no problem

    mp9 and ati vcd player won&#39;t play it&#33;&#33;&#33;

    >is it possible the bin/cue was corrupted or
    >k-lite codec basic is not enough > do i still need to install a diff codec

    i was able to watch vcd (from bin/cue file) before, but i had diff codecs installed

    i don&#39;t have standalone dvd player to try this vcd but my pc

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    try video lan thatl play just about anything. if ur still having trouble go to

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    or powerdvd, thats a great player for svcd/vcd bin and cue or cds.

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    i&#39;m not really interested in installing another player
    window mp9 and ati players are enough for me

    i&#39;m just wondering if:
    bin/cue file is corrupted OR
    i need another codec (like mpeg2) to play the vcd or svcd

    when i try to play the vcd on window mp9, it just stop responding
    i had to eject the cd just to close mp9&#33;&#33;&#33;


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