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Thread: What Is The Greatest Game In The World

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    B) Hi, Please leave a message

    What are the top 3 games u have played. In order. I want to download the best (i just got broadband).

    If you have time give a little desciption of the games. Thanks.

    P.S if you have the sig2dat hash codes give them aswell


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    hmm, best 3? lets see i would say

    1) Homeworld/Homeworld Cataclysm
    2) GTA: III/ GTA: Vice City
    3) Half Life: Counter Strike

    not really in any order, and i know i named more then 3 but they are all linked and one wouldnt really be complete without the next.

    All great games, look around tho cuz u might find games that u like but other people dont

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    1) Everquest (played that sucker every day for 3 years)
    2) Operation Flashpoint (unbeatable gameplay and mod community)
    3) Carmageddon 2 (unbridaled carnage. But it&#39;s an old game now)

    Also have to throw in SubSpace A really old game but its addictive and free

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    1. Halo
    2. Splinter Cell
    3. Counter Strike (cant wait till its out on xbox&#33;&#33;&#33

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    1. Super Mario 3
    2. Counter Strike
    3. Final Fantasy 7

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    1. max payne
    2. enter the matrix (right now any way)
    3. CS

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    My fav 3 is

    1. Redneck Rampage (Its an old Game is it was my Favorite)

    2. The Sims

    3. Morrowind The ElderScrolls

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    Everquest, *twitch* Thank god i got even sense to quit that dasterdly game...Sometimes i feel the need though to go back but then i shudder at the thought of having no life and playing everquest every waking minute...

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    1. Halflife TFC and CS. never cared for single play
    2. Doom2 who can forget
    3. Quake father to 3d gaming

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    1. Gta 3/and Vice city - 2 but the same game.
    2. Splinter Cell - y&#39;all know why
    3. MVP baseball 2003 - Not the best game I have played but it just goes so far over what is expected from basebal games. I cannot wait until 2004 comes out so that some of little things that suck can be fixed updated.)

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