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Thread: Looking for sct invite

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    Can offer a level7 invite + a level6,+ some lower levels if nessesary
    pm me for details if you got it.
    Im new here so can go thru middleman

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    welcome to FST..

    I am afraid ur offer isnt enough...

    1st u need to specific with what ur for ScT u will probably need everything buffered...except for tracker higher than ScT
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    The level 6 is FB, if anyone wants to know the level 7 u can pm me since i dont want my account there to get banned.
    Also im just looking for an invite, i thought my offer was fair , I mean since sct is only considered a level8. I can also add invites to IT, KG,bitme and a few others, I don't want to trade accounts

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    Good luck, consider this a friendly bump.
    A malis vituperari laus est.

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