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Thread: The Animatrix Non-xvid Format

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    Why has everyone posted the xvid format of the animatrix? I don't have the appropriate player for that format and the number of possible players out there is mind boggling, not too mention the fact none of them say they can play back xvid format movies. Does anyone have a regular Divx version of it?

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    ugh.. listen man.. or woman, or.... whatever.. anyways, with XviD, there's nothing better than XviD... THAT is why there's no hash for it. It's because the animatrix by itself on XviD looks as good as the DVD, so nobody cares about whether it's in DivX format or not. What you CAN do is download an XviD codec off the net, so you can play your XviD movies in almost any player. Check the net for some codecs, try to stay away from Kazaa (that's how virii gets spread most times...) Hope this helps you man!


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