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Thread: Audio File Cleaning

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    I have a mp3 file that was extracted Originally from a VHS Tape. I need a program that i can "WASH" the file through, to make it sound somewhat "Newer" and better Sounding. I'm looking for something that is somewhat user friendly and NOT so technically commanding to use and comprehend. I'm aware of the Various programs such as Cakewalk and Sonic Foundry's "Acid Pro", both of which seem just a little to much more then i need for my purposes. Thanks in Advance

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    I'm not sure if any one program can do that at the click of a mouse, but mp3 Gain can get rid of Clipping (distortion) in mp3's rather easily.
    It's free and I think there's a link in the download section ofthe klite home page.
    This should help, but I think your looking for something with a bit more power.

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    I use cool edit pro it gets rid of all that hummm and just lots of different stuff scary to look at there that many options


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