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Thread: Weird Sound From Speakers

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    At first I thought I had gone crazy. I constantly heard faint voices while on my computer, but no one was around. My girlfriend finaly heard it too after threatening to put me in a loony bin. I hear voices from my speakers, even when my comp is shutdown, so I'm thinking maybe I'm picking up a radio station or something. Is that possible? What do you think?

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    It happens quite often and it means you need to do some grounding.
    Find a Good ground, not necessarily the main electrical ground as it may be poor. Ground the PC case and any accesories to the new ground with a proper ground lug.
    You can get an inline connector that comes with a separate ground lead and some surge suppresors also have a lead for an additional ground. You may also need to isolate the speaker leads from the sound card.

    Are these normal Small amplified PC speakers? Make sure the impedance is correct if you use a stereo connected to the PC.

    You can get a simple isolator from a car audio supplier and it wouldn't hurt , if you're able, to filter the speakers low voltage input, again with car audio parts. See how the extra ground goes first and go from there.

    If that same signal is getting into your PC at a high enough level, it can cause some problems but a heavy case ground will take care of it.


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