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Thread: I Need Help Extracting Using Winrar

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    hi i need help. im trying to extract counter strike from and it comes up somethign about other volumes

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    For whatever reason, you're missing some of the split archive files and it's prompting you because it can't extract the file(s) without them.

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    or could that be a 0-day release ??

    1. Select all the .zips in the 0day release.
    2. Right-click on one of the .zips (while they're all selected) and choose "Extract to *******\".
    3. WinRAR will ask you if you want to "Confirm file replace", select "Yes to all".
    4. Once the extraction of the .zip files is complete, open the newely created folder you extracted to.
    5. Locate the first RAR file (most of the time it is .rar, but it can also be .part1.rar or .001).
    6. Right-click on the first RAR file and choose "Extract to *******\".

    extracting zero days releases are different from normal file extractions

    or like linkin park says you might be missing some file


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