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Thread: Another Simple Speed Up Procedure

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    I use Kazaalite [K++ Edition] (Kazaa Lite Version 2.0.2, K++ Version 2.03) Build 1
    This version of Kazaalite has KaZap built in.

    When I download a file, i just search for it and double click it to download. Then i goto the traffic tab and let it auto find resources every 4 seconds. This does not work sometime. I use a dial up connection and when i return to the computer, it is downloading my files at about 2kbs which is a waist of time since i have a 5 hour session limit.

    In the traffic tab, I never untick the little '+' into a '-' to show all the users I am downloading from. I one unticked it and left the internet to download files. After i returned, the files have been downloading at a constant rate. The Auto resource finder has been working properly to find fast users to download files from!

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before because the search function is not working at the moment.

    Anyway, I hope this feature works for you the way it did for me, or better!

    I hope this helped some . Could I get some feedback on this tip?

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    god damm thats a pain in the ass to do!!

    sorry It didnt work for me and I have 56k

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    god damm thats a pain in the ass to do!!

    is it really that diffcult? How come it didn't work? U just need to goto the traffic area and click your download so you can see all the simultaneous connection. Then leave KaZap of any speed tool running and it find more resources much more efficiently!

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    Find sources every 4 seconds is way too fast imo that way you'll not connect easily to new sources!
    In searchpage if you leave on autosearch and if your startsupernode is distant
    you can notice it automatically switches supernodes every few minutes :in this way you pick up extra sources.

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    hehe , so how many seconds u rekon? did the trick work but?

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    There are so many variables !
    But to give an example :

    1. I use kazap.dll <<but not for searching only to clear old uploads
    and break off uplds that are too slow (setting 0.20 kbs)
    for more sources I use speedup (settings 6 secs per file &about 65 secs between cycles <<depends on how many files are in downloadlist)(my average =20)
    2. so in kazap the search-&retry-boxes are unchecked &#33;&#33;
    3. If you it the jackpot = your downloadspeed goes max :stop autosearch in searchtab.

    That this works for me is of course no garantee that it will work for others,
    as I said :there are many variables.

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    :teehee: lol, I have it on find more sources every 60 seconds and time between them is 40 seconds and I get like 5-6k/s and im on a 56k but i also use KL Extesions not Kazap.


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