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Thread: Can Anyone Explain?

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    I was downloading 28 days later, and it constantly says more sources required. So I search for more sources, and it found a couple, but it didn't connect, and so I'm back to more sources required. But the thing is, I look on search, and the file that I'm downloading - the exact same file - there are about 30 users with this file. So I'm wondering why I can't connect to at least one or two of these people. So I cancel the download completely, then go back to the search page and click on the exact same file to start downloading it again from scratch, and instantly I connect to someone and the download is going fine ( but of course I have to start from the beginning again. ) This isn't a one-off. This happens a lot, and I wondered if anyone else has found this, and if they know why it happens. I don't think I explained that very well.

    And this should probably be on the "problems" page.

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    This should be in the questions area, but, more sources means that the particular people with the file arent on at the moment. Sometimes people have what looks to be the exact same file and all, but the data isn't the same size. If there aren't any users on who are sharing the file, you will have to wait...

    The reason you started downloading it from a new download (probably) was either, someone within your supernodes area has the first part, or you jumped supernodes either by choice or you restarted K-lite.


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    Not really. I didn't jump supernodes and I didn't restart kazaa. Like I say, it happens a lot. A file will be downloading fine, then it just seems to get stuck on "more sources needed." But there are plenty of sources, because when I do a search, I can see there are a lot of people with this file online ( it's the same file name, same file size.) Then the only way to get it moving again is to cancel it and start again, and it immediately is fine ( but of course you have to start from scratch.)


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