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Thread: Looking for a seedbox

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    Hello guys

    I'm not too sure how a seedbox works, only that they can upload very fast.
    I have a Bitmetv account with a few hundred GBs buffer which you can get.
    From you, I need access to a seedbox because I need help seeding at OiNK so I'll need it for a few days or a week perhaps.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There are some great tutorials about setting up uTorrent on a seedbox. You will probably need to read some of them before you go about getting one. Maybe someone will step in with a link...

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    For leeware, but it will work on other Linux servers.

    If you get really stuck, post here and we'll try to help.
    mental note: get better sig

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    I haven't got any offers yet. I need a seedbox with upload speeds around 3-5 MB/s.

    SalsaMan, the link is not working.


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