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Thread: Bittorrent Problem

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    i'm 91% done downloading something and i just got this error message.
    Problem connecting to tracker - (10061, 'Connection Refused&#39 Is this really an error or does it just mean something like there's not enough sources now or something?

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    please help. its frustrating the hell out of me.

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    the tracker aint working. just leave it on and itll work after a while.

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    i left it over night and it never worked. 2 other file also stopped. said it couldnt connect to tracker or something. also, i was just downloading mvp baseball off download paradise yesterday, it was 91% done. now its not on the site anymore at all.... i'm getting so frustrated with this stuff cause i've tried everything and it seems to work for everyone else.

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    yeh i know its a little frustrating...but sumtimes it can happen.

    as black ops sez...jus leave it and it'll connect and ur file will continue to download.

    i once left it whilst i was at work and it still didn't connect....but i got the file eventually. at the end of the day....bit torrent works very well about 90% of the time....if not more (=^_^=)

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    it means that either the tracker is having a temporary problem.
    or, horror!, that the tracker went offline.

    all you can do is wait.

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    man, this sucks. i had about 6 files, and they always stop every single time. i've left them on and they just never restart. i'm starting to wonder if this really even works.

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    Same problem with mafia. No seeders!

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    ok, the file is done for mvp baseball, but when i look in the folders that it created (cd1 cd2) all i see are regular files, no iso's or anything. do i need to convert the files or something?

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    please help, i've waited forever for this file. i just need to know if theres a way i can fix this or if i'm just wasting my time.

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