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Thread: Problem accessing demonoid

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    I have problems accessing

    I have asked around and it appears that it works for others. Just not for me.

    So I was wondering, could someone give me their irc info? I think it's on their homepage.

    Btw: the problem is that I keep getting a HTTP 500 internal server error message.

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    from the faq:

    2.- You can set up your favorite IRC client to connect to, and join the channel #Demonoid

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    Thnx a bunch

    Gonna ask there what the problem could be!


    AARRGH. No one in holland can access demonoid at the mo becoz the government forbid it. Grrrr.
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    Use a proxy to access demonoid then

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    How do I use a proxy, is there a site with some explanation?

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    There are anonymous proxy and so forth. You could use Ghostsurf Platinum for anonymous under free trial

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    Yay. Thnx, I already got there using one!

    Just curious though, if I use a proxy site and login with my info, will that site be able to retrieve my password etc? Or are they reliable. I am using

    Edit: cooltunnel sucks, it doesn't show the whole page, now I use this one, for now it's perfect:
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    If you use a proxy the website should allow dual ips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S3ZAi View Post
    AARRGH. No one in holland can access demonoid at the mo becoz the government forbid it. Grrrr.
    How do you know?
    I can't access it too though
    Know too much = bad
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    maybe your ISP banned this ,no problem here with or without proxy

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