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Thread: black cats...

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    So finally, after weeks of trying with a signup link on my favorites, I finally get a sign up for Blackcats-games, much to my needs. Well, I type up all my information and it goes through.

    Well, I go to check my email for confirmation and much to my suprise nothing is there (and by suprise I mean horror)

    Does it take awhile for the confirmation to arrive? I used the email of my personal domain so I figure maybe it was sent to a filter?

    I don't want to lose this account. I've been trying so hard and it would crush me if I couldnt. If there is a way to notify an admin on the site or perhaps some alter way of activating my account, that would be great.

    My name on there is Treemole -.- Or will be if I manage to keep my account

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    If they have an irc you should try that, is it possible to access your mail using a different client or webmail? if so try that. Really sorry to hear about what's happened bro.

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    Try to singup again with a email from Gmail.

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    Looks like he managed to get in as there's a download on his account.

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    gmail is best 2 signup
    Down-Speed Up-Speed
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    Yahoo mail doesn't works for me when i tried to signup there, so i just use my Gmail account and it works great.
    FLiP all the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSA View Post
    Yahoo mail doesn't works for me when i tried to signup there, so i just use my Gmail account and it works great.
    same for me, +1

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    Yea, I fixed the problem My webhost rejected the email so I found their IRC network and went in and had them change the email to gmail for me.

    Helpful people, really helpful ^^


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