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Thread: Have A Look Dvd Rips And New Movies

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    Just press link below.

    Sorry i have closed movie list fed up of beening hacked.

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    there is no need to 'spam' your post
    But it's a nice movielist

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    don't seem to get as many views as some of the other posts.

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    Because the search feature is disabled at the moment not many users check the Verifieds in a Can section
    But it doesn't matter how many people check your post, As long as people know what movie files are verified

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    All my movies files are Verified

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    Well personally i like this kind of post...

    I deleted the comments in the can's verified list...
    If everyone ad his comments to this post instead of in the in can list...
    You keep the verifieds in there and the dabates questions and comments in here...

    Great post!! B)

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    Newcatle - Toon Army!!!!!!!!!
    nice post but to be honest no one is going to get any sources for the majority of those fims. I tried about 5 of them and everyone said " MORE SOURCES"

    good try though


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    sorry about that but most of the movies.which are posted are my own dvd rips so it will a take a while for those movies to get around on kazzalite.

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    will be adding some new movies.

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    ok i'm pretty sure that SOME of this has already been posted before. LORD OF THE RINGS SCREENER?

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