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Thread: Propellerhead Reason 2

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    Mr President
    Can some one advise how to burn the sound bank files so that the samples appear when you search for a new patch. I only get to see empty folders

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    in the samplers in reason you will have 2 folder options to browse. one on the left and one in the centre. if you browse the left icon it will just show empty files as it is looking for banks. not wav files. and vice versa.

    so if you want to add a sample wav file to a sampler you will need to use the centre browse button. then it will list all the samples available.

    the patches are just data files which tell the instrument where to find the samples and how to map them across the keyboard.

    with the synths you only have the one browse button so you can make this mistake.

    with the drum machine the same applies but to add a wav sample you need to click the browse button above each of the 10 chanels. and to add a bank you hit the browse button in the bottom left corner of the drum machine.

    i hope this helps you. and i hope i have interpreted your question correctly



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