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Thread: What makes a bad movie ?

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    Hi Guys

    My partner (gf) and I often sit down to watch a movie on tv and I find that after the first ten minutes I have decided if it will be a good movie, bad movie or average.

    What in your mind makes a good movie, or a bad one.

    Is it
    The actors
    The acting
    The story
    The filming
    The soundtrack
    The concept
    The director
    The tension / comedy / violence etc

    I myself think it has a lot to do with the director.

    Eg I recently saw Shall We Dance with Richard Gere, Susan Sarrandon and Jennifer Lopez.

    Based on the concept, and the actors it should have been great but it was boring. There was no tension, the dance scenes were boring, the dance crowds were false (they clapped at nothing), there were no sexy bits (JLO).

    I am sure that I could tweak-up the script, the costumes, the dancing, the acting and with those same actors do a much better job. So was it the director or the script ?

    What do you think ?



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    CrAcK's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    The Story ,actors and the filmin...for example: when the film always plays in the night... if u cant see anything...

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    nom nom nom BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Probably poorly written for me, and if the trailer is showing the actual best bits of the movie.
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    cheesy lines

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    Lack of realism (mainly human injury), people who try to act but can't like J'Lo, and John Cena from "The Marine".

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    mikechrobot's Avatar Trader Hater BT Rep: +2
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    doesn't have a meaning, too much special effects, trying to be realistic although it's fake (harry potter...)

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    The story
    The director

    My opinion

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    It's not the director, or the actors, or the producers, or the critics....

    Its you, the Viewer. Your critical standards make up for what you think,
    should (and should not) be a good movie. I mean, give you an example, I
    thought the Academy Award winning movie 'Million Dollar Baby' was extremely
    overrated. But at the same time, I feel that grindhouse type movies, like
    The Monkey's movie, "Head" and Donald Camel's 'Performance," are absolute
    classics. Maybe, we all just THINK about this shit, too much.

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    Bad actors and a lack of funding

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    all sequels...but the next are very very sucks...

    American Pie 5
    xXx 2

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