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    After getting this, i opened it up with WindowsMediaPlayer and it didn't play the visual, i tried the same with DivXPlayer and i only got audio again ?

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    do you have the K-lite Codec pack? if not install it

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    Cheers mate .

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    Bah, still doesn't work .

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    If you had codecs before installing K-Lite Codec Pack,then it may cause problems so you have to ALWAYS uninstall your codecs (if you had any) like DivX and XviD before you install K-Lite Codec Pack.

    Personally I donīt use K-Lite Codec Pack,I only have those codecs required to play a movie and havenīt got any problems so if K-Lite Codec Pack doesnt work,then try install the codecs you need only.

    To find out what codecs you need,use a program called GSpot to find out which codec your movie use.

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    u need divx player like the files said after u hover them, i ad he same problem downloaded divx player payed part 1 and they bothplay tidaynow on windows mediaplayer and eveything


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