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    Has any1 on got this game? I REALLY REALLY want i!! its a class game!
    the games is also called 'mob rule' in some countries.


    In Street Wars you are part of the mafia, put in control of the family business with the aim of making money and gaining power. You begin the game as a small-time hood in Hicktown in the Midwest, whose first task is to build a soup kitchen. After this, you have to select a tenant, provide an oven and improve the kitchen to be the best in the neighbourhood. Then comes other challenges, such as building a hospital, a drinking den and ridding the area of your enemies. Once you've completed all the challenges in this area, you are promoted to more challenging locations in locations such as Las Vegas, New York and Chicago.

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    yeah i want it to

    i really loved the first constructor !! and this is something like it !!!!!!


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