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Thread: ***battel Field 1942 Problem***

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    i have d/led BF1942 three time but each time i want to install it in last of cd1 setup give's error: "the file which must be in media dose not apper......"

    any idea to fix it

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    I think we might have the same problem. I downloaded both the CD:s

    Battlefield_1942.CD2.FLT.ShareReactor.bin with their respective Cues)

    and burned them on cd:s. When i tried to install BF i get an error message that says something similar to this:

    CRC error ********** does not match the file in the setup's .cab file.

    I get through them with just pressing the Ignore button, similar messages also appear on CD #2. It does finally install the game but all the graphics are a mess and the game is impossible to play.

    I'd apreciate if someone could help me (and bawa) with this, have i missed something important or done just a complete newbie error?

    Btw. The search isn't working so can't check the older messages.

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    Anyone got ideas?

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    It didn't work 4 me either so i deleted the iso


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