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    I downloaded a warcraft3.exe file. but when I double click it it just says its not a valid win32 application. I thought this was an install file. Anyone know what this is or how to make it work?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It could be a self extract file, some of these self extract files don't work under xp in my experince ( that is if you are using it?) try opening it on another os like win98, or try renaming the files to any of the extentions, .iso .bin .ace .zip .rar etc....... and give iso buster a go it is really good. :-)

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    Warcraft III is one of the games that you should just go out and buy. The campaign in it's own is good and takes a good while to beat. But the real fun comes when you start playing online and playing on custom maps.

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    this again...

    dl a program called

    isobuster or winiso

    den use it to open and extract the contents within~


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