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Thread: Gta:vice City

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    i jsut downlaoded gta:vc frombittorrent. it came as a rar file so i extracted. but after i extract it to a folder there were about 50 other files. and i dont know what to do w/ them. how do i use them.

    P.S. this is CD2, i have cd1 as a bin file and burned it to a cd already.

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    open file 01 or 1 and extract the files to a folder. You only have to do this with the first file.

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    how can i extrac it. i already extract the file into a folder. inside the folder are file like these: flt-vcb.001, flt-vcb.002, flt-vcb.003 etc. and when i right click them, there no option to extract them.

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    try using winace to extract it.. if it doesnt work than shoudl try winrar..


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