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Thread: Trojan Remover 6.0.1

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    Just updated TR and found that the old serial does not work on it.Anyone out there got a key yet for the new version.Thanks

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    Me too. Anybody. Workarounds for v5.07 & under don't work. Anybody with valid workaround for version 6.01, please pm me. TY.

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    Try this place.I have just got it after browsing the asta forums,but other people are having problems accessing the site.

    I should add that this is a working copy of the latest version of Trojan Remover and not the serial,you don't need it.

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    Most shareware programs identify you by your User I.D. and your user Key in the registry...just change those numbers in your registry and get a new 15 days.

    Does not work with XP

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    I thought everything was fine until my last update.Now TR says it is an unregistered evaluation copy and it will expire in 30days.Can anyone help me out?

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    Serial for the latest version 6.0.3 is here you will need to register with this forum.

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    Thank god somebody knows what they are doing it sucks all this new ways trying to stop ppl.


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