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Thread: Private Bt Tracker

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    This was a really good idea, but it looks like its comming to the end. We are getting no one join, and no one posting anything, Icey where are you I am missing your mass posting. Well we need more members to stay up, as we had some games going today and I was downloading at aobut 73kb/s and my max is 57kb/s. So if you want to join, then go here, then clcik regester at the top of the screan, you will have to enter the same username as on here, and they your password, this can be different, and then your emial..etc. Once that is done, it will say something about 'The admin wants to verfy everyone befor you are alows to post' Once you see this messege, PM me (remember I live in the UK so I might be in bed) and then i will reply to the PM saying you can login now, once you in you can downlaod..etc and post.

    Thanks hope we dont have to go, but please join and post a few times a day, thanks.

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    Wizzandabe, however i like the idea... i'm starting to see some postings about this all over the place... be very carefull with spam...!

    Maybe you do good if you let people sign up more easy... !
    or check some more on that forum...!

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    As far as I know there's the two topics in here and one 'advertiser' in the Lounge.
    The BT tracker was never intended as substitution to the K-Lite board only a place for K-Liters who use BT too exchange torrents.

    I've seen that even ES5 gets a pinned topic, just for comparison
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    If you want honest constructive criticism.

    The forum is very annoying to use. Having to type in a password before entering each section. That will put people of, in my opinion. I certainly don't find it welcoming.

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    Just use cookies. I never have to type the password, ever!

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    I don't have to enter the password to log onto the board. It's the individual areas. Is that cookie related ?

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    well, if you mean the password to enter the forums then i never have to enter it, only once.

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    Ok, all passwords removed, go ahead now then see if you wanna go on it

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    i'm here and still spamming away
    ice ice baby

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    just save the passwords in your browser . it will do the jobs ; )

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