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Thread: Bittorrent File Downloads

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    i got GTA:Vc and its a file with files in it like flt-vca.014 what do i do someone help thanks

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    use winRAR and extract the first file, it will go through and put all the pieces together and make a .bin file out of it.

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    my dl isnt done yet and i was messin with it and the first file looks like a rar and when i double click on it it says Error Cannot Open file D:\Games\Gtavc\flt-vca and it says it opens with rar did i mess it up for good??

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    no it should still be good the way BT works means it looks like its all there but isn't complete until the download is 100%

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    i just finish downloading it but like he said after i extrated them w/ winrar, there were about 50 files like this flt-vcb.01 (first file) flt-vcb.02 (second file) and so on. so wht do i do w/ them. i tried every thing. p.s. this is CD2. i have cd1 as a bin and it work perfectly.

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    right click oo1 file and click open with winrar the extract the cue and bin then burn to disc

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    there is no option to extract the file when i right click on any of the file in the folder.

    P.S. in case u didnt understand my other post, i already extracted them, thats how i got the 50 file that sya somtin like flt-vcb.001.

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    Just double clicl on it and then open with a program of your choice,use winrar and after your done you should have a .bin and .cue.

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    open the first file inside CD 2 the file would be flt.gtavc.001 or something like that i need to the file with the .001 with Winrar to do thayt go to properties then where is says "open with" change that to Winrar


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