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Thread: Fax On Windows 2000

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    I was wondering, how does the fax work on Windows 2000? Is it possible for people to send me a fax, and I would be able to print the fax out? Also, I have a 'Intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice' modem. Me confused...

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    Try norton winfax.

    Cheyenne Bitware comes with a lot of modems but it has major problems and there's whole forums devoted to the lack of customer support from them.

    It seems there's a problem with TAPI in win2k that no one has properly sorted out yet.
    I can manualy send a fax and If I set it up right I can recieve but it takes too much screwing around to be very usefull. The Program dialer always gets a "Please hang up and try your call again" message no matter what or how the program dials. If I dial myself and click send at the tone, it works then.


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