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Thread: Virtual Drive won't work (Please insert CD error)

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    I'm using latest version of Alcohol 120%, mounting WC3: TFT. I mounted, restarted, double-clicked on the Virtual Drive, F. The frozen throne popped up, used up my CPU allot, and then displayed an error message: please insert CD.

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    is the game cracked ? and if it isnt try cracking it that might work

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    get hold of some mini-images, and try to mount those

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    no, it isn't cracked. i don't want/don't need to crack it when i can easily mount an image. this worked before when i first got this image from thepiratebay (lost original copy..).

    Ok wtf now I just burned TFT image file to a Cd, put the Cd in my Cd drive, and played the Cd. It still gives me an error?

    Now I don't have many services running on winXP as usual, so maybe I don't have a service running that needs to be ran?????
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    well, it seems that it doesn't work any more.

    anyway, according to CDFreak:

    Expansion Disc for Warcraft 3 (WC3 WCIII)
    One CD

    Official v-1.13 update [subsequently updated to v-1.13b to eliminate problems with running original cds as a result of upgraded protection]

    SecuROM v-5.00.007 iirc


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    You need a crack..Just mounting the image wont work. Anyhow, everytime Blizzard releases a patch, you have to remount/reinstall/recrack it..which is a bitch =]

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    Yes, you need a crack or otherwise if the CD Protection is Emulated by your Virtual Drive, that is the only time it will work without a crack. ^_^


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