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Thread: .dat Files?

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    I have a .dat file that will not tuurn into an AVI files how can i repair it?

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    Safest way is to manually make a copy and change the extension to .avi after you have done that open the file with program Gspot : this gives you info about used codec & playtime.

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    Just changing the extension doesn't always work.

    This happens a lot when you start to download a file with Kazaa, and then you move it somewhere else...

    The data that says where the file goes, and what it is, and all that stuff, is stored in the .dat file...if you deleted the original directory, then it will wait until that directory is recreated..then it will copy itself there the next time Kazaa is least it should...

    Also, you can open K-dat, or DatView, and extract the contents, or change the storage info...

    This has worked for me in the past...hope it still does


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