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Thread: So i'll get an xbox mod chip, now how do i replace the hard drive after that?

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    so this is basically an update to my other xbox thread which i forgot all about.

    So my xbox hard drive is bad and the xbox is not modded.

    So, i guess im going to send the xbox in to and for $49.99 they will install a mod chip and for $15 they add a Duo X2 which i know nothing about but whatever.

    So after I do that, how do i replace the hard drive?
    Surely I dont just stick in any IDE hard drive, so what do i do? has an option to include your own hard drive for like $24.99 if i remember right but if i can do it myself than that would be great.

    So is it easy or impossible?



    PS, i wont forget about the thread this time!

    OK read this before posting....
    Scratch out everything i just said up there ^^^.
    I think im just going to go solderless and buy a chip (because i have only a little idea of what soldering is, ive seen it done, but thats all).

    Whats the CHEAPEST chip that is 100% solderless and will allow me to easily add a hard drive without very much hassle with the bios and all that junk.
    I'm not saying its going to be easy for me (being a complete newbie and having no idea at all), but now it seems like the broken xbox in the corner is challenging me.......

    So in a nutshell i need a chip that is 100% solderless, and not really expensive (the cheaper the better), and as for the rest, i can cross that bridge when it comes.

    Thanks for tolerating all this!
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    Can always try this:

    I havent updated it in a while Scroll down to installing a new hd part. (Reality edited the post adding in the pics that were lost cause of the server hosting them going down)
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    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    OK, after i spend the money on a mod chip i will then have to buy extra things on top of that?

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    modchip + new harddrive... thats all you'll have to buy.


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