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    when I want to export a audio file in .wav format the result is that sometimes the sound is not good. when you play the file in audacity is does that too but when you look at the left there is that slide bar were you can " gain" when i put that slide on -3db there is no problem and the sound is ok but I can't get that to export it that way! is there another solution or am I doing something wrong?


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    I'm sure you wil find the answer there. If not, mail it to the developers.
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    Dunno about Audacity, but most WAV editors have what's called "non-destructive" edit functions. Basically, what that means is that you're previewing any effects you apply (like gain). You have to actually save the change before exporting the file or it won't be any different from what it was before you applied the gain. Just hit the File> "save" button after applying the gain and it should be okay.



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