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Thread: Wont Frickin Burn

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    OK i have searched the FAQ's and I didnt find a answer. If this is a dumb newbie question that has been answerd somewhere easily located then really im sorry. Just point me in the direction of the answer and lock this up. Thanx in advance.
    I downloaded 3 Splinter Cell .bin files and the cues. I have downloaded a few .bin's before and this has never happend. Nero or alcohol 120% wont recognise them as .bins. They seem to be in .exe format (pic below). So I cant burn them as a image, do they need to be extracted somehow? Ive tried win rar its not having any of it. Thanx for help.

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    Have you tried use viritual drive?

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    They've been named as .bin.exe.

    Just lose the .exe extension, and you'll be fine.

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    Alot of times to actually get rid of the extension you will need a renaming program like 'rename it'. then you should be good to go.

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    Thanx guys, I couldnt rename it in the first place because my windows setting were hiding file extensions. All sorted now


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