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Thread: Give away: six oink invites

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    I would like to give away six oink invites.

    Specific Rules:

    1. Tell me what country you are from and why love it. In correct and readable English.

    General Rules:

    1. No people with previous acounts on oink (I have my ways to check this.)
    2. No trading with the invites.
    3. No giving me advice on who to pick.
    4. Cheaters: don't even try.
    5. No ratioschreenshots, only a test from today, hosted on speedtest itself, not from a seedbox.

    I will anounce in 5 days who the six winners are, and they will have to send me a pm with their email in it.
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    i would like a oink account if u don't mind.
    Well, I'm from the great US of A. and I love it because it's got a mix of everything. the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. it's pretty funny going downtown and seeing bums yelling at telephone poles for reading there thoughts. only in America. you got beautiful forests in Oregon, and straight up slums in LA. I live right in the middle so it's not nice or bad. it's just right. and thats how I like it. peace

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    yes you will make some people happy! but if you invite a cheater don't you lose all present and future invites? sort of risky.

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    be careful
    “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

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    Be careful with those invites...

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    I'm from the USA. Why do I love the USA? Theres always new people to meet here. I really enjoy professional sports, TV, Music, Movies that originate here.
    Nice weather and good fishing.

    K, thats it.

    Oh wait.. white women.. can't forget to mention all the white women.

    No I've never had an account

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    You going to make your self with no invites in the future

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    Be really careful and uhhh..Great giveaway!

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