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    How do you make a Windows XP CD bootable form a copy downloaded via kazaa
    I know how to set it from the bios but the cds aint bootable i tryed runing setup.exe from the a:> prompt but came up wid a message can not be run in dos mode

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    Here There's a website that tells you what to do. There are other ways to do it if you find the boot files for Windows XP, you can then do it the manual way.

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    if you downloaded a bin or iso file, just burn the images to a disc using FireBurner or Nero.

    if you dont have a cd image file, use nero to create a bootable cd. This is the manual way.

    1. Download the Windows XP boot files from here. Extract the boot.bin file from the .zip file.
    2. Start up Nero
    3. Close the wizard (if it opens)
    4. A "New Compilation" box should pop up (if it doesn't, press CTRL-N)
    5. Select "CD-ROM (Boot)" from the choices on the left
    6. Go to the "Boot" tab. For the source of boot image data, select "Image File". Click Browse and select the extracted boot.bin (you will have to choose "All Files" from the "Files of type" drop down box).
    7. Set "Kind of emulation:" to "No Emulation"
    8. Set "Load segment of sectors (hex&#33:" to "07C0"
    9. Set "Number of loaded sectors:" to "4"
    10. Go to the "ISO" tab.
    11. Set File-/Directory length to ISO Level 1 (Max. of 11 = 8 + 3 chars)
    12. Set Format to Mode 1
    13. Set Character Set to ISO 9660
    14. Check the Joliet check box
    15. Check all Relax ISO Restrictions
    16. Go to the "Label" tab.
    17. Select ISO9660 from the drop down box.
    18. Enter the Volume Label. You can find the appropiate label for your version of Windows XP here.
    19. Enter the same label into the System Identifier and Volume Set fields.
    20. Enter the Publisher and Data Preparer as MICROSOFT_CORPORATION.
    21. Enter the Application as the same thing in Volume Label.
    22. Go to the "Dates" tab.
    23. Select Use the date and time from the original file from File Dates.
    24. Go to the "Burn" tab.
    25. Check Write
    26. Check Finalize CD (No further writing possible&#33
    27. Set Write Method to Disc-At-Once.
    28. Click "New" on the right.
    29. Select your Windows XP files that you got from the file you downloaded. You should have the following......
    Folders: DOCS, I386, SUPPORT, VALUEADD
    If SP1 is integrated, you should also have spnotes.htm and win51ip.SP1
    30. After you have selected you files, go to File>Write CD.
    31. Select your Write Speed and click "Write".

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    Try this.....


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