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    I would not even bother to put this in,but the search option is disabled in this forum and im not about to check all topics from the beginning of time. I downloaded Everquest and when i sign up for an account an account number is needed off the cd. I looked in the folder that unzipped all the info from the download and no notepad file with the acct #. anyone have any idea what i do now?

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    im not sure
    MMO accounts # are very hard to find because its one account per number. I doubt that anyone would give you a vaild one,if they sent you one at all.

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    You probably won't get a serial for EQ from anyone. The serials are connected to the account that is set up. So, if I gave you my serial (for example), you would have access to my charaters.

    You have to pay for EQ no matter what, so why not buy the software? You're not really saving yourself anything in the long run, since it costs $13 a month to play anyhow.

    If you want to test the game out to see if you want to buy it, check around, they give away 1 free month of the basic EQ every once and a while.

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    Thanks guys. I thought so. I guess I'll buy it.


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