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Thread: Bait torrent files?

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    I was just wondering if there are such things as bait torrent files (kind of like bait cars that police officers do...)

    And is it ethically right if they actually do that?

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    Yeah i'm pretty sure i have read something that says there are bait files out there.Just stick to private trackers that carefully select there uploaders and you should be good.

    As for ethics i would say we are as unethical as them for what we do.

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    if you get into a site that has a select uploaded team, you shouldn't have a problem. try to stay away from public trackers that allow anyone to upload.

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    These types of files first started showing up on Ed2K several years ago and now are very common on public trackers, even though they are tagged like popular release groups they are easily spotted (Check the packaging and nfo's). There are also a rising number of "Trap" trackers (also easily spotted) setup by the MP@Assholes stooges such as Medi@Defender and other lackeys, there's even a bogus torrent client, ziptorrent (and uT 1.7? lol) that fux0rs swarms and possibly reports IP's.

    Stick to established private trackers and check pre's, if a file seems to good to be true...It prolly is.

    Ouick example: Chuck and Larry DVDSCR 2007 XviD-FiCO with torrent contents: Chuck and Larry DVDSCR 2007 WTF LOL.


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