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Thread: Need to made some changes in the SMF forum php script.

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    Im trying to make some changes to this code. the stylesheet of the smf forum is like this, but already downloaded another theme who is easier to make the changes needed. for example the menu and the banner is almost ok

    and I want to make it like this:

    The biggest problem seems to put the code of the active page inside that box or table that will have a different background and maybe some gifs files to make the borders(try to make borders too on the menu links, likke a box on every link). I know this is probably much trouble, but even a little help is apreciated. Maybe add me on msn(pm me so I can give my mail).

    well, I got a new theme for the forum that is easier to edit. it already have the menu bar how I like.
    One of the problems is how to add gif borders to some some boxes. and create a center box where will be the active page script
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    Not sure how SMF works.
    BUT my guess is it uses templates as most do.
    And there's probably templates named header and footer, or something along those lines.
    In header, right before whatever parts u want to start being bordered, add some code like:
    HTML Code:
    <div style="padding:50px;background-color:#000;">
    and in footer add
    HTML Code:
    Edit the style as you like.

    If you want more info you're going to have to 1) give a better description and 2) post the header/footer templates (or pm them to me).

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    I already worked on asp so I was abled to do a lot of what I wanted to do.
    Have a stupid question. What the div is? its like a table?

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