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Thread: Burning Gta:vc Cd Problem !urgent!

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    1 file is 782 and the other is like 800 mb my cd-r's are only 650-700 mb can some help me out with this problem thx

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    These files will fit to your 700 meg CD-R.

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    Post in the RIGHT section!!!

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    all you need is nero and then go to file select burn image and select the cue and as long as the bin is in the same folder as the cue there you have it a perfectly working gtavc
    i do recommend using deamon tools to mount the image on a virtual drive and try running it there before you waste a cd (in case the file is corrupted)

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    Originally posted by sayl00@22 June 2003 - 20:10
    Post in the RIGHT section!!!
    agreed, but it appears smoove has yet to grasp this concept.


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