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Thread: .bin .cue

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    they just wont fit not possible

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    Maybe you should tell us more about your problem? what is the size of the .bin? what CD-r are you using'?

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    my cd it 650-700(some are 650 some 700) and the .bin is 768 on cd 1 and the cue is 4.00 kb(73bytes) on cd 2 the .bin is 798 and the cue is 73 bytes some of my cd-r's say theyre 700 but when i put them in it says estimated free space 654.4mb I use Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4

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    *try to convert the .bin to a ISO with winiso. now try to burn it.
    *there are 800MB cd-r available maybe you should buy a couple of them

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    where can u post a link to store cause bestbuy and curcuit dont sell em

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    Any CD image you download will fit on a 700MB CD. i know its hard to believe because i did not believe it when i first heard it.

    The Image is really not over 700MB even though it says that. when you create BIN or a ISO you have (for lack of a better word) "packing material". if you try to burn a image like you burn data, then yes it wont fit.

    All burning programs have a "burn image" option you MUST burn all images (ISOs BINs CloneCD etc..) with the burn image option. i have burned images that said they were over 800MB. but when you use the burn image option its actually under 700MB. all the extra MB come from when they make the Image from the CD.

    Remember all images you download (except DVDs) came from a CD that was 700MB.

    Just use Alcohol 120% (its the best you can get) click the "Image Burning Wizard" then find the folder where your BIN and Cue are. make sure both are visible in thew window by clicking show all files. then open the Cue. then you will be ushered to another window that tells you the TRUE size of your BIN. and it will be under 700MB. then click next to burn it

    If you get a error after you load your Cue then your Cue is misnamed


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