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Thread: Gigabit Lan Questions

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    In a month or two i will be going of to college. which is great becasue i will be connected to a T3 internet line. now, if i have a Gigabit lan card, will my speeds be faster than the normal ethernet card? being as a T3 line can go up to 600-1k kb/sec so I am told. (not really sure)

    also, does Gigabit use CAT5 cables, or something different. and if it is different will it still be compatable with the college network ethernet hubs in my dorm room.

    Thanks people.

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    depends on the speed of the hub/switch you are connected too. i think currently hubs supporting 1Gb/s only have one port at that speed, which you'd connect the server to, then the nodes would be connected ports on the hub with 100Mb/s speed

    in short you would probably see no difference, unless they have a network which all runs at a gigbit, which i dbout would be the case

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    just stick with the 100mb card, the cards fast enough, and gigabit is far to expensive, also i think gigabit uses cat6 cables. not to sure though.
    stick with 100mb and that should be more than enough, as u will not be the only user, but at night i bet yoahooet pretty good speeds.

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    Alright Thanks.


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