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Thread: Every 5 Minutes Movie Stops

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    I downloaded matrix reloaded from kazza and now the movie stops every 5 min. Can anyone tell me why? Should I be playing the movie through windows media player cause thats the program that keeps popping up when it opens. Thanks Moe

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    What player do you use to watch movies beside windows media player?
    Try BS player, or... there are 1000s just try one and see wich works better, you can get some here
    divx-digest in the software section.

    if you still have the problem post again, but try to give us more details, about your pc config, the player, the processor, ram ect.

    bye bye

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    mtop y r u double posting. u posted this prblm once why agn? bump your original post if u think no one has seen it!!!!!!!!!
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    How much ram do you have and wat graphics card? You prob need atleast 64mb ram and 64mb video card

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    I think I have enough ram although I must confess I don't know what it is or where to look for it lol. But the computer is new and it costs a lot lol. If u would tell me where to look I would. The reason I posted twice with this problem is because another person told me I had posted in the wrong place? Not knowing where to post or how to find the post again I posted this twice yes. I thank the people that have done the right thing and just helped me out as I'm new to all this . And I have only tried to view the movies through Windows Media Player because the movie goes there right away. So your suggestion is to download another Player? I shall give that a try. Do u have any suggestions,as to which player might be the best? Thanks again .Me

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    Got to RUN in the start menu, and type in DXDIAG. DirectX windows appears showing all of your PC's details, such as CPU speed, RAM, Video card and its RAM, audio, etc...

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    ok I just looked and it says I have 256 mb of ram? Is this enough? Thanks Me


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