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    I've been checking out Visual Studio. Net Enterprise Architect and noticed that there are 7 separate downloads - corresponding to 7 CD's. Does anyone know anything about this program - like - are all 7 required in order for prog. to work. If not which one/ones are the 'target' CD's ie. having the vital stuff? Any other info anyone has re:downloading, installing, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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    The one i downloaded (Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect) was only 3 cds Three of the other cd's are probably the MSDN libraries and help files. I don't know what the 7th cd would be for though. I still need to get the MSDN libraries since my subscription ran out and i stopped getting them I had all three cd's downloaded but then on the last disc, i couldnt get one of the files and when i refreshed the ftp link, the account was banned. Boy was I pissed and now am still looking for that damn 3rd cd...


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