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Thread: Constrution Game

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    hi, my grandson is looking for a pc game that i think came out last year,
    it was a kids game where you drove diggers and buldozers in a quarry type theme,
    sorry i dont know who made it or what it was called,
    any ideas? thanks

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    Was it like tonka _____ _____ (fill in the blanks but I think it was a game that started with that) It used to come in cereal boxes

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    hi, yes i think it was like a tonka game,
    you could fill wagons with your digger, they did a review of it on one of the tv game programes and said it was boring except for constrution crazy kids,
    i will try searching all the a-z on the game sites for tonka and see what turns up.
    will let you know if i find it,

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    hi again, have found out
    it was not tonka, it is called "matchbox caterpillar constrution"
    cant find it any where even the game shop sites say no longer stocked,
    any one got it by any chance? or "caterpillar big dirt movers"
    thanks for the previous help.


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