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Thread: Victory, 1981, Featuring Stallone, Pele, Caine

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    Hi, looking for an old film called Victory, a soccer movie from 1981. Here is the cast:

    Cast (in credits order)
    Michael Caine .... Capt. John Colby
    Sylvester Stallone .... Robert Hatch
    Max von Sydow .... Maj. Karl von Steiner
    Daniel Massey .... Col. Waldron (senior British officer)
    Tim Pigott-Smith .... Maj. Rose
    Julian Curry .... Wing. Cmdr. Shurlock
    Clive Merrison .... The Forger
    Maurice Roëves .... Pyrie
    Pelé .... Cpl. Luis Fernandez, Allied soccer player
    Bobby Moore .... Terry Brady, Allied Soccer Player
    John Wark (II) .... Arthur Hayes
    Co Prins .... Pieter Van Beck
    Mike Summerbee .... Sid Harmor, Allied Soccer Player
    Laurie Sivell .... Schmidt, German Goalkeeper
    Robin Turner .... German Player
    Osvaldo Ardiles .... Carlos Rey, Allied Soccer Player
    Kazimierz Deyna .... Paul Wolchek
    Paul Van Himst .... Michel Fileu
    Søren Lindsted .... Erik Ball, Allied Soccer Player
    Russell Osman .... Doug Clure
    Kevin O'Callaghan .... Tony Lewis, Allied Goalkeeper
    rest of cast listed alphabetically
    Amidou .... Andre
    Arthur Brauss .... Lutz
    Anton Diffring .... Soccer Stadium Announcer
    Benoît Ferreux .... Jean Paul
    Carole Laure .... Renee, French Underground
    George Mikell .... Kommandant of Prison Camp
    Werner Roth .... Team Captain Baumann
    David Shawyer .... Strauss
    Jean-François Stévenin .... Claude
    Hallvar Thoresen .... Gunnar Hilsson
    Gary Waldhorn .... Coach Reinhardt Mueller
    Gunter Wolbert .... German
    Michael Wolf (II) .... Lang
    Jürgen Andersen .... Propaganda Civilian (uncredited)
    Eolo Capacci .... Italian (uncredited)
    Michael Cochrane .... Farrell (uncredited)
    Michel Dhrey .... Frenchman (uncredited)
    Zoltán Gera .... Victor (uncredited)
    Jack Kendrick .... Williams (uncredited)
    Jack Lenoir .... Georges (uncredited)

    Sounds like a great movie doesn't it. And so it is. Which is why I want YOU to be kind enough to share it

    So if anyone's got it, tell me, please

    Thanks a lot



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    I downloaded this film a few months ago, but havent got it anymore so I cant give you a hash or file size, just an assurance that it is out there, Its called "Escape to Victory" not Victory BTW

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    Ok thanks a lot mate


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    Originally posted by juderobs@22 June 2003 - 14:13
    Its called "Escape to Victory" not Victory BTW
    it was actually released under both of those titles.

    i'm guessing you don't live in the u.s., which is too bad since i've been seeing the dvd in discount bins for $6 (i think that's about 4 u.k. pounds). about the same price as a hamburger & a soda.

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    I don't live in the us, so no, I can't get it that cheap

    Ah well

    Thanks anyway



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