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Thread: Bin And Cues

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    whats the highest bin you can burn to a 700mb cd. cos i can butn a 750mb bin and when its burnt its only say 695mb on the cd. whats the higest amunt, can i butn a 800mb bin on a 700mb cdr?

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    ive burned a 797 meg bin onto a cdr before. you should be able to burn up to 800, maybe a little more onto a 700 meg cdr because some of the data is redundant.

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    i was coppying an album for someone the other day. my drive isn't set up for overburning, but i did a straight coppy from a cd, it came out to be 799MB on 1 cd. i was quite impressed it worked

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    Most bins and isos are made from a CD, therfore no matter what the size they say they are, they are gonna fit on CD of equall size of the original. You should never have a problem using 700mb

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    I have burned a few CDs that were over 800MB . but when burning with the burn image option the CD will always be under 700MB unless you have Image of a DVD

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    ok, thanks im going to give it a go on 2f2f, thanks gaain.


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    Just remember bins are measured in minutes not actual size so even though I'm not sure how the time is worked out but you can burn way over 700mb onto a 700mb cd-r.

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    Thanks TR, I new you colud burn well over 700mb when related toa bin. Hopefully i can burn 800mb bin.


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